• Does the connector use an adapter to work for both MicroUSB and iphone?

    No, we have invented a new type of connector called “the one” connector. This technology can charge both microUSB and iPhone with the same connector.
  • Does the PowaPak Mini come with a charging cable?

  • Is the PowaPak Mini rechargeable?

  • What charging cable lengths are available?

    4ft and 8ft cables are available
  • How many colors are available with the charging cable?

    Black and Red
  • How much battery will the PowaPak Mini charge my phone?

    It depends on what model phone you have. It will charge an Iphone 8 35-40%
  • Will this connector work for Type-C devices?

    We have been working diligently for a solution for type-C devices. We do however offer the purchase of a Type-C adapter that will make the “the one” connector compatible.

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